Tuesday, January 16, 2018


It is with great sadness to let you know that my mom died last night around 7:41pm. I was with her and am feeling very lost and stunned (more than usual). I was so hoping she would make it to her 90th birthday on February 10th but she didn’t. I am just so happy that we had her here for Christmas. She was great on Saturday for my brother so he left for Indianapolis on a work trip coming home today. I saw her on Sunday and she was sick but alert. I talked with her and she said “I love you, baby” the way she used to. I was worried so I called at dinner and they told me she was ok but didn’t eat much but had no fever.

The next morning, I called and mom was restless for the night and threw up again but was beginning to settle in. When I called at noon the doctor had seen her and was on prednisone and antibiotics plus they did a swab for the flu. Everything seemed good so my hubby and I went out after work to buy a toilet and bathtub becUse our pipes burst in our bathroom and there’s were major issues so my hubby had to completely gut the bathroom.

I came home, ate and listened to my messages which one was the home. I called and they told me she was not responsive. I went and she was sleeping but I knew she would not wake up. I 5alked with her and even sang thinking she would wake up to tell me to stop. I was texting my work friend to tell them I might not be in checking on her breathing when I saw she had stopped. I called the nurse and she had passed. My mom was my rock, my confidant, and I suffered the loss twice...first when she got the dementia and now her final death. I hope she is with my dad and I hope I get a visit from her in my dreams.  I won’t be posting or even commenting but if I do, it would be just to get my mind off of losing the best mom and a wonderful, spirited lady.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Sing a song like this cardinal

Cuddle bug machine, embossing folder, tombow markers, glue pen, crystal glitter, red cardstock and white cardstock.

Eclectic Ellapu- Anything Goes
ABC Christmas- B for Birds
Addicted to Stamps-Clean & Simple
Crafty Creations-Anything Goes
CHNC-Feature a Creature
Dream Valley-Anything Goes
Happy Little Stampers-Christmas-CAS

I enjoyed making this quick card because it was pretty easy to do plus I love glitter. I have this Cardinal embossing folder and placed the white cardstock into the folder and rung it through the cuddlebug machine. I coloured the cardinal for a focus on just him singing a happy song and made everything else just in white glitter.

It is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year but I don’t follow these statistics. I prefer to be bright and happy like this cardinal but I promise I won’t sing and hurt your ears. Oh and it took me a few years(I hang my head in crafty ignorance) to learn that CAS means clean and simple.

Have a great day everyone.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Thursday Movie Picks-Once Is Enough

Wandering Through The Shelves can really pick great themes and this week it is all about movies you hope to never see again because once is enough. There are many I could choose here but I picked 4 because 3 just was not enough and I know 2 of them will be controversial.

1. SIESTA-1987

ZZzzzzzzz. We actually rented this movie back in the day thinking it would be good since it starred Ellen Barkin, Gabriel Byrne, Martin Sheen, Isabella Rossellini  and Jodie Foster but this was a mess. It is badly acted and you are constantly saying WTF?? Ellen is supposed to be this stunt woman who is to jump from a plane into a fake volcano. You realize this jump will kill her and she might have thought so as well so she decides to venture to Spain to meet up with her lover. She meets up with him and I think there is some heated sex scenes and mystery but the movie is so stupid that I can't even remember the good stuff. Horrible...


This is a film that we also rented and we had a great time laughing at how bad it really is. This chick, Carre Otis-yup never heard of her...I wonder why, plays ..wait for it...a lawyer...hahahaaaaaa. OK I got that laugh out of the way, anyway she has to go to Rio to meet up with the firm's top exec..oh blast who cares, She meets Mickey Roarke before he really turned ugly and creepy (here he is just a bit ugly and still creepy) and is attracted to him. They end up meeting a German couple and this German couple have sex in the limo as the other 2 watch-this scene is funny because it's about Germans being passionate..sorry no,..well, yes. Anyway the chipmunk noises are funny. Later on, in the movie, Carre is running to Mickey Mouse..sorry, just Mickey, they cut to a different scene and when they cut back, she is still running...they cut back and forth 3 times! I was wondering where John Cleese as Lancelot was (people will know what I am referring to if they ever saw Monty Python and The Holy Grail). This movie got some notoriety because it claimed Roarke and Otis really had sex while filming. Bleccchhhh, the only thing I recall from their so-called sex scene is when he tore her entire dress off in one fell swoop.


5 of us went out in a snow storm to see this film..a snow storm(!) because we heard raves about this film and still do. It sounds interesting-a married couple are concerned about their son's relationship with an older woman who has a child. You realize the son and the woman (played by Marisa Tomei) do love each other to the point where he defends her from her scumbag ex. The ex kills the son and because the ex comes from money, seems to be getting away with it. The woman must deal with the loss as well as the parents, played by Tom Wilkinson and Sissy Spacek. You are witness to the long married couple's marriage failing. as all are trying to cope with the loss. Now this sounds excellent doesn't it? When I was sitting there thinking, "Am I the only one thinking this is the slowest yawnfest I have seen in my life?", I look to my right and see 2 of my friends talking and raising their eyes up pointing to the screen. My other friend right next to me is slumped way down in his seat squirming to stay awake and my ex is looking up at the ceiling. All the 2 married couple do is give very short answers and you see him mow the lawn or cut the hedge and Sissy just starts smoking up a storm. The biggest 2 events are when Sissy slaps Marisa and when Sissy and Tom finally start yelling at each other only to be interrupted by girl scouts selling cookies. If I want to see someone smoke or mow the lawn I will look outside during summer time. By the way, My ex was counting the ceiling tiles.

4. A BOREMENT.. ughh I did it again, I meant ATONEMENT-2007

I will get a lot of flack from these last 2 but it's what I think so here is my last. Atonement is considered one of the best films in recent years and it stars Keira Knightly, James McAvoy and Saoise Ronan but I think it is an over-rated yawn of a movie. I have not read the book and believe the book would be much, much better. Keira and Saoise come from a upper class English family and James is the son of one of the worker's. He is in love with Keira and she with him and poor little Saoise has a big crush on him. Well, due to the nasty jealosy of the little brat, he is sent to jail and is separated from his great love. 4 years later, he can leave prison as long as he joins the army which he does. You are witness to war and heartache and you find out why the young brat, now a celebrated novelist, must atone for her big sin. I liked the ending..in more ways than one, but I couldn't care less about the characters and found scenes very long and drawn out and I didn't believe in the chemistry between the 2 romantic leads. This time, no snow storm but the same people. The 2 were slumped in their chairs  becoming very irritated. My dear friend was catching flies and my ex was trying to stay awake. I caught some flies and I think I snored a bit.....

Which films would you say once is enough?

Monday, January 8, 2018

My first card for 2018

Distress Inks, Angel, tree and word stamps, tombow markers, stickers, white marker, silver dye ink and silver embossing powder.

Eclectic Ellapu-Christmas
Dream Valley-Anything Goes
CHNC-Use something old or upcycle
Addicted to Stamps-Holiday

Yahoo! My first card for the new year but, to be honest, I made this in December but I am working on Christmas tags now. I made bookmarks back in December for someone and will show them if she says it is ok. I love my angel stamp even though it is old, probably 10 years now but I love angels and thought a scene was in order. I figured they are in a forest silently walking and giving  gifts to people in need, either that or they are discussing the last bet the one angel won on the horses. I stamped my angels on white cardstock and then stamped them again on a sticky note. I fussy cut around  their image on the sticky note and placed that image over top of the angel image on the cardstock. I took distress inks and coloured in the background with a sponge. I stamped the tree image over top and coloured in the tree and the ray of sunshine. I took off the sticky note and the angels were great so I coloured them in with tombow markers. I added a little grass, border stickers, and snow with the white gel pen.

I hope you like it. Did anyone watch the Golden Globes? I am all for solidarity but why use the colour black? I felt like it was a funeral...except for the sequins. Oprah's speech was excellent and I thought Seth Myyers was great as well. OK then, hope you have a wonderful day!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Thursday Movie Picks-Character Name in Title

The beginning of a new year.....let’s see what this year will bring. I hope more comedy from the orange man but I know he brings tragedy too. I hope all of us will be healthy, happy, have fun, watch movies, read, read..and read:) For a brand new list for the new year, head on over to Wandering Through The Shelves and see what everyone else has chosen for the first of 2018. On with the show....


There are so many versions of this book by Tolstoy that we could talk about the differences of just these film adaptations. The most famous is the Garbo film done in 1935 and it’s good but I could never take her as the sensitive, fragile Anna because Garbo always came across as not giving a shit. Despite the weak performance of Kieron Moore as Vronsky, this is my favourite adaptation because of the luminous Vivien Leigh who is perfect as Anna. I am certain it helped that Vivien Leigh was fighting her own demons. Most films centre on the doomed affair between Anna and Vronsky with the upper crust never allowing an affair to become public. Of course, Vronsky does not receive the dismissive viatribe of the society but Anna does and she slowly loses all she holds dear. I read the book which is very...Russian...passionate, beautiful and one where I wanted to stick an ice pick in my eye out of frustration of the characters. It’s a great book but good grief, everyone is full of suicidal thoughts. Actually the story of Anna and Vronsky seems secondary to the life and love of Levin and Kitty who never seem to be at the forefront of any film.


I love this film that takes place on Cape Breton Island, Canada, about a deaf mute girl, Belinda, who is believed to be dumb as well by her dad and her aunt. A kindly doctor comes around and finds that she is quite intelligent and teaches her sign language. Slowly the doctor educates her dad and her aunt as well and helps Belinda gain her confidence. When she is home alone, she is raped by a brute who has seen her at church and on the farm. She becomes pregnant as a result and has a boy...Johnny. What happens after creates some great scenes and Jane Wyman ( the first Mrs. Ronald Reagan) won an Oscar for this role.


I love this movie despite the blandness of Jennifer Jones who plays Jennie. A young artist meets a little girl in the park and over the course of a few weeks she grows up to be a beautiful young woman whom he, of course, falls in love with. He realizes that this is not the norm, her clothing seems to be from another era and her memories of from the past. His love provides him the ability to create his best portrait. I love the photography since the scenes seem to start off as a canvas only to merge into a film plus, due to David O’Selznick’s extravagant spending, they filmed on location ay the Met in NYC and The Cloisters ( a great museum in NYC). I kick myself that I did not buy the DVD when I saw it a few years ago.

Did you catch my theme within this theme?? What films would you choose?

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

I’m not Dead...Thursday Movie Picks:TV Edition-Friends

 Christmas gets busy for most of us which is why I have been silent plus I went for another infusion for my pain which I believe is helping but I think I am now dealing with carpal tunnel in both hands but especially my right. Blecchy! Amazing how Christmas Eve and Day is over and most throw out their tree on the 26th,  but I’m still enjoying my tree, music and all that goes with it. Sorry for neglecting my blog but I hope to be around more just to bug all of you:). I missed  the TMP which was about films I am looking forward to in 2018 and last Thursday is bout Friends on TV. Wandering Through The Shelves hosts this and has put out the new Picks each week for the coming year if you wish to join. Anyway, here are my picks....

1. I LOVE LUCY- 1951-1957

Yea, this is about the love between Ricky and Lucy and her antics of trying to get into his show but you wouldn’t have a show without their friends, Fred and Ethel Mertz. Lucy and Ethel got into some pretty hair-brained schemes and so did Ricky and Fred. They argued, plotted and loved each other through thick and thin and always stuck together. A great show that is a leader among tv shows.

2.  THE ODD COUPLE-1970-1975

I love this TV show ( the best of the bunch made), based on the Broadway play and movie, which stars Jack Klugman as Oscar the slob who takes in his friend after his friend separates from his wife. His friend, Felix, played by Tony Randall, an uptight neat freak who is a photographer who seems to be the wife Oscar never wanted. It is a hilarious show with a great team that produced a life-long friendship between the actors who stuck together through thick and thin especially when Jack Klugman got throat cancer and had trouble finding a job. Randall came through and they did some funny commercials

3.  THE GOLDEN GIRLS-1985-1992

Who doesn’t love this show about 3 divorced women who are actually over 50 and must live together since they don’t make a ton of money. Add in a little, smart ass mother from the old country and you are very entertained by the great banter of 3 actresses who are brilliant. In fact, I think this is the prequel of another Friends show, Sex and the City. You have a sensible woman who is the glue of all the friendships, you have the slutty woman who is quite happy in her sexuality, an innocent who wants to see only the best and the no nonsense woman who will be there for her best friend and has no issues telling it like it is.

As for last week, I am looking forward to Winchester...about the woman who created the nutty but great home in California. There is the new Avengers film that sounds quite good and even Mission Impossible 16, oops I mean 6...they are always fun.

I hope to post some crafty stuff later in the week. A new year!!!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Thursday Movie Picks-Small Towns

This week it is all about small towns...No blabbing away here (well, not much) so head on over to Wandering Through The Shelves to find out what other movies take place in a small town. Here are my 3...


This is also known as A Christmas Wish which stars Jimmy Durante as the head of the household who move into an apartment that is attached to another home. Durante's family are down on their luck while the other family are quite wealthy. The miser dad from the wealthy family has hidden his money in the walls because he's a bit ....squirrely (sorry). His son soon falls for the poor but pretty daughter next door. The fun part comes from Rupert, a squirrel that a vaudeville man can no longer afford to keep. The squirrel doesn't like living the rough life with the other squirrels so he makes his home..you guessed it, in the home of these 2 families. His bed...the money, but the squirrel decides he just has too much of this money so he lets it "rain down" just when the poor family pray for a break. Hijinks ensues all because of this squirrel. It is a silly but charming story with a very fun squirrel created by the Oscar winning George Pal. In fact, many people wrote in asking how someone could train the squirrel to do the stunts.


I hope everyone has seen this holiday classic with Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen. It is a fun musical with an over the top ending that I don't think one would ever find in an Inn. It begins  during WW2 with Bing and Kaye entertaining the troops. You meet their leader who is a stern but kindly general who treats his men right. After the war, the 2 become big entertainers who decide to see 2 sisters (at the behest of an old soldier friend of theirs) work their magic. Well, the sisters do and somehow all 4 end up going to a small inn where the sisters are to perform. The 2 men find out the Inn is run by their old general who sank all his money into it and is close to bankruptcy. Of course, they decide to put on a show. You see many dance numbers which has a Bob Fosse look about it. The ending is sweet and almost makes me cry. My favourite scene-when Bing and Kaye play the sisters and sing...Bing Crosby could not hold a straight face because of Kaye's antics so he is really laughing and it was kept in. Oh..and check out Vera-Ellen-a great dancer who only wears turtle necks and seems painfully thin. The rumours are that she had anorexia.


"You'll shoot your eye out!" This is such a fun film that brings back an era from the late 40's or 50's in a small town about a family with 2 boys. The older boy wants a BB gun but not just any BB Gun, he wants a Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-Shot Range Model Air Rifle. He dreams about owning one but everywhere he goes, everyone, even Santa, tells him it is too dangerous. We get to know this boy, his younger brother who is too wrapped up (by mom) in his snow outfit to walk anywhere, his mom and his old man, who loves his new lamp. You have to laugh at the antics as we can all relate...I was the kid dying in my snow suit. I also put my tongue against a pole..yup, I did do that but I just cupped my hands around and kept breathing on my tongue (attached to the pole) and I was free. This movie was filmed partly in my home town:)



Come on! You know I would choose this as well since this is my favourite film and I truly believe in what it conveys. If you haven't seen it, you are living under a rock somewhere. Remember, No man is a failure who has friends.

What are your 3....