Saturday, April 21, 2018

Letter S


A man with a disturbing past, takes on the role of the caretaker with his freaky wife and disturbed son at a hotel that shuts down during the winter. It’s just the 3 of them with the wife checking on the hotel, the redrum kid travelling on his big wheel through the halls and the man writing his novel. He becomes anything but a dull boy when he starts seeing spirits who want him to come to the dark side. The kid keeps running into those spooky twins and the wife is oblivious to everything until the blood hits the elevator.

I was scared out of my booties as soon as those devil girls showed up and had to turn the channel. I finally did see it and it is a great film with so much imagery. The actors really carried the film although I felt so bad for good ole Scatman Crothers who travels to the hotel only to......see the film.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Letter R


I can’t do a film series without mentioning John Wayne who stars in this fun western as a Sheriff who comes to town to make sure a nasty villain gets his due justice. He has to deal with his old friend (Dean Martin) as the drunken deputy sheriff, an old coot with no teeth, a limp and a lot of gumption (Walter Brennan), a young kid who wants to help (Ricky Nelson) and a saloon gal with nice legs but talks way too much (Angie Dickinson). If you like a western, or even don’t but like fun camaraderie, you’ll love this movie.

This was John Wayne’s and Howard Hawks’s (director) answer to High Noon because they thought it was stupid that a sheriff would ask for help so in this film, the hero doesn’t ask but gets help anyway. Oh and as a prank and an initiation, Wayne and Brennan got a pile of manure and threw Ricky Nelson into it. I love the musical interlude and hope you'll have a listen...

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Thursday Movie Picks-Meltdowns

We all have had meltdowns some time in our lives, some serious and many others, over something stupid(put the toothpaste cap back on will ya!). These 3 picks I have chosen are a bit more serious but still great to watch. head on over to Wandering Through the Shelves to see what the others have chosen.

1. WHITE HEAT-1949

A brilliant film with an outstanding performance by James Cagney who should have won the Oscar. He plays a clever but psychopathic leader of a gang who is married but is way too dependent on his mom. The cops send a man undercover to break their operation and gain Cagney's trust. There is a prison scene where Cagney's character has a huge meltdown after hearing some news which makes you almost feel bad for the guy. The ending is a true blow out!


Humphrey Bogart leads a great cast as the captain of a ship during World War 2. His antics makes many men on board the ship question if their captain is truly sane. It all comes to a head and a trial ensues but one still questions the sanity of the captain. Bogart's acting is stellar and you are left wondering if he was right or if he was nuts or both. A film worth seeing for sure especially when Bogart is on the witness stand.


An every day man, waiting in his car in a traffic jam just leaves his car and goes for a walk but along the way he creates much mayhem with gangsters, a convenience store owner and his ex-wife. Michael Douglas is the main man who we see fall down that well of anger and frustration and takes it to a whole new level. Another superb performance that, I think, was overlooked. I did not expect to truly like it all that much but I do and it keeps your hold for sure.

What 3 films come to your mind?

Letter Q


A woman with a grudge rides into the town called Redemption that is ruled by meanie Gene Hackman. He holds a contest about who is the quickest draw. You have a bunch of idiots combating for the prize and most get shot to death. Hahahaaaa.....pretty stupid flick but I enjoy watching it because it’s stupid as F#*&. This stars Gene Hackman, Sharon Stone, Leonardo DiCaprio and in his American film debut, Russell Crowe as a preacher but was a former henchman for Hackman.

Sharon Stone was big back then and demanded Leo and paid his fee personally so she could have him in the film and she also fought for Russell Crowe to be in the film. On the other hand, her pants were so tight she couldn’t sit down but when her stand in got more whistles from the crew, she fired her.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Letter P


2 men are magicians and friends until the wife of one is killed during a performance. The one blames the other and they become bitter rivals each trying to outdo the other. It stars Christian Bale and Hugh, be still my heart, Jackman as the 2 magicians who hate each other. Scarlett Johanssen is the girl between both and Michael Caine as the trusty partner of Jackman...not Bale’s butler:). It was up for a couple a Oscars and is considered an excellent film about one-upmanship, magic, mystery and David Bowie. Yes, David Bowie, who didn’t want to do this movie until the director, Christopher Nolan, talked him into it playing Nicholas Tesla-brilliantly, I might add.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Letter O


A young, very pregnant woman gives birth to a boy in a workhouse and dies. The boy grows up in that horrible place and, one day, asks for more gruel and is punished. He escapes and ends up on the streets of London where he is taken in by Fagin, the head of child thieves. The Artful Dodger takes Oliver under his wing to teach him the fine ways of being a pickpocket.

This is the best, in my opinion of all the versions I have seen (we shall not mention that musical) and it is a book I still must read. Have any of you read this book? Alec Guinness created his Fagin look by using the illustrations in the first edition of the book which caused much consternation among the Jewish community for being too anti-Semitic. David O’ Selznick lunged at Guinness when he saw him at some party. Both Israel and Egypt banned the film.....Israel was upset by how anti-Semitic it was but Egypt said it was not strong enough...ya can never win.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Letter N


A divorced, pitiful wreck of a man finally gets a job as a night watchman at the Natural History Museum in New York City. Little does he know that a special Egyptian artifact lets all the objects, animals and cavemen come alive at night.

This is the best of the bunch and it’s quite funny even though some people would love to punch Ben Stiller in the face...I’m not one of them but my hubby...insert eye roll. I love Robin Williams...who doesn’t and I don’t want to know if you don't like him. When the 3 old guys ran up the stairs, Mickey Rooney and Bill Cobbs needed a double but Dick Van Dyke did it himself.